Sunday, 21 January 2018

Kramat of Tuan Matarah

Robben Island first gained notoriety as a prison for eastern political exiles, sultans, spiritualists, convicts and slaves. It is a reminder of the injustices and the ill-treatment afforded these prisoners that a Kramat is to be found on the island. The eastern political exiles and convicts are truly the pioneers of Islam in this country; and thus Robben Island becomes very much a part of history of the Muslims in South Africa.

The shrine on Robben Island, is a symbol of the struggle for the establishment of Islam.

It is an expression of Islam’s power, having survived all kinds of restrictions, prejudices, imprisonment and oppression in the land called ‘the fairest Cape on the circumference of the earth.’ Ironically, this shrine was constructed by the Apartheid Prison authorities in the 1960s.

Tuan Matarah also known as Sayed Abduraghman Motura was reputed to have been a very learned and religious man. He spread the message of Islam and consoled those experiencing difficulties. He was known for his wonder cures and the comfort be brought to is fellow prisoners when they were ill.

Tuan Matarah died on Robben Island. Upon his death, his grave soon became a respected shrine. Here those who knew him came to meditate and seek consolation for their suffering. Their example was followed by other prisoners who arrived after his death. On their release, they talked extensively about the holy man who lies buried on Robben Island.

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