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Kramat of Moulana Abdul Latief

Moulana Abdul Latief came to South Africa at the end of the 19th century. He was first engaged by Sufi Saheb to the newly establish Islamic centre on the Umgeni River in Natal. At the Umgeni River Islamic Centre. Moulana Abdul Latief acted as madrasah teacher for a few years. He then decided to  return to India to visit his ageing father. On his temporary return Sufi Shaheb recognised his potential as religious leader and persuaded him to stay even if it was for short while.

Sufi Saheb then came to Cape Town and purchased the land at Doornhoogte. On his return to Durban, Sufi Saheb requested that Moulana Abdul Latief [proceeded to Cape Town to establish a mosque and Islamic Centre on the site he has purchased.At the there was no mosque on the Cape Flats, and on the first Friday of his arrival, he led in open air, the first Juma’ah Salaah on the Cape flats in January 1904. a year later the foundation of the Habibya Mosque was laid. This centre in the jungle soon became a great centre learning.

Moulana Abdul Latief died in1917. He was buried next to the mosque which he established. This’ mosque in jungle’, large as it was at the time, was too small to accomdate all those who came to the Janazah Salaah.

Although his shrine is to be found in the Habibya complex, his greatest monument is the Islamic educational and religious activities still evident in this Complex. Today it is vibrant Muslim centre, with a junior Madrasah, primary and high school, an orphanage and Islamic library.

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