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Fatima Asmal

Fatima Asmal-Motala is a freelance journalist and director of the Institute for Learning and Motivation - South Africa (ILM-SA) in Durban, South Africa

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Recent Updates

    Focus on Muslim ID

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Thursday, 17 November 2011
    A documentary to be screened as part of SABC2's Issues of Faith series on Sunday, November 20 at 09h00, will investigate the changing face of Muslim identity within the South African landscape. The documentary is written and directed by freelance journalist Fatima Asmal-Motala - who just completed her reportage on this year's haj for VOC.

    She is assisted by producer Shaffee Shaik of New Wave Productions. Muslim Identity investigates the impact of globalisation on young Muslims who are becoming increasingly exposed to a diversity of interpretations of Islam primarily due to the advent of technology. "Traditionally many Muslims, particularly those living in KZN and Gauteng, have been heavily influenced by Indo-Pak interpretations of Islam," said Asmal-Motala.

    Hujjaj on the move

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Friday, 4 November 2011

    As millions of Muslims from around the world prepare for their spiritual exodus across the holy cities, VOC special correspondent in the Saudi Kingdom --Fatima Asmal-Motalla could not hold back her tears as she watched hujjaj enter into their ihram. Speaking to VOC Drivetime from the meeqat (border) in Dhul Hulayfah on Thursday evening, the Durban-based journalist described her surroundings as "a sea of white".

    "Hundreds of people are proceeding to Makkah, people are climbing onto busses and getting off, and brothers are sitting on walls in their ihraam reading their kitaabs. I am now going to make our two rakats and niyyah," she reported from the scene. Asmal-Motala said there was a sense of calm and contentment in the surroundings, indicative of the spiritual state of the hujjaj.

    VOC gets inside haj

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Thursday, 27 October 2011

    International journalists converging on the Holy Cities to report on this years haj will be part of a special programme organised by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the organisation of the pilgrimage. The programme entails press conferences, opportunities to meet the Saudi Royal family and helicopter rides over Mount Arafat.

    Freelance South African journalist, Fatima Asmal will be journeying to Saudi Arabia as one of the guests and will give VOC an in-depth daily report on her passage to the sacred places.