Friday, 15 December 2017

People - Muslims in South Africa - Letter S

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  • Shaykh Sadullah Khan

  • Qari Saleem Gaibie - Qari Saleem Gaibie serves on the Department of Qur’anic Affairs of the Muslim Judicial Council and is currently teaching Qiraa’aat and Qur’anic sciences at Darul Uloom Arabia Islamia in Strand. He also serves as a judge at major national Hifdh competitions

  • Dr Sedick Isaacs - Dr Sedick Isaacs taught Mathematics and Physical Science at Trafalgar High School until 1964, the year in which he was incarcerated as a prisoner of conscience on Robben Island. During his 13-year imprisonment, Dr Isaacs served as Chairman of the Education Committee and the ...

  • Shaykh Seraj Hendricks - Shaykh Seraj Hendricks is the Imam of the Azzawia Masjid in Walmer Estate and Hakim of Cape Town. He graduated from the Ummul Qurrah University in Makkah al-Mukkarramah.

  • Shafiq Morton - Shafiq Morton is a veteran photo-journalist, and presenter of the DriveTime programme on Radio Voice of the Cape. He is also the author of  “Notebooks from Makkah and Madinah”. In 2009, he was named amongst the 500 most influential Muslims.

  • Mufti Siraj Desai - Mufti Siraj Desai qualified from Jalalabad Darul Uloom, India. He is currently the Principal of Darul Uloom Abu Bakr, Port Elizabeth and Imam of Musjid Abu Bakr.

  • Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat - Moulana Sulaimaan Ravar is an Islamic scholar and Morning Drive Presenter/Programme Manager at Radio Islam.

  • Shaykh Sulaiman Moola - Shaykh Sulaiman Moola Sheikh is presently a Lecturer/Ustaadh in Johannesburg / South Africa where he resides with his family. The Shaykh has also travelled extensively across the globe and his lectures are widely available on the Internet, including YouTube.

  • Prof Suleman Dangor - Professor Suleman Essop Dangor is Professor of Islamic Studies, School of Religion and Theology, University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa