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National Independent Halaal Trust

The National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) formerly the (IHT) was formed and constituted in 1992. Since October 2000, the growth of the NIHT has been phenomenal. The NIHT aspires to the highest Halaal standards as prescribed by the Sharia (Islamic Law), these standards have been set up by Mufti's and various Ulema from across the Islamic ideological spectrum. Presently the NIHT has offices in Johannesburg, Laudium (Pretoria), Durban and has logistical basis in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Northern Cape.

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National Independent Halaal Trust

National Independent Halaal Trust


Contact Information


Tel: +27 11 854 4381
Fax: +27 11 852 4300


Tel: +27 31 207 7864
Fax: +27 31 207 7865

Recent Updates

    Jimmy's Killer Prawns

    Published by National Independent Halaal Trust on Friday, 25 November 2011

    The NIHT is proud to announce that Jimmy's Killer Prawns situated at The Zone Shopping Mall in Rosebank has been certified Halaal by the NIHT.

    NIHT urges Meat Summit

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Monday, 21 November 2011

    The recent developments surrounding the Orion Cold Storage saga has highlighted a serious universal problem pertinent to halal certification.

    According to Maulana Abdul Wahab Wookay of the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT), this problem is manifest even in countries where halal certification falls under a governmental domain.

    "There is a distinct lack of uniform halal standards between Muslim countries, which is a contributing factor to the problems we face when explaining our halal standards to meat producers in exporting countries. Living as a minority in South Africa has given us an insight into fulfilling halal requirements which are sometimes not really known to authorities in Muslim countries, where everything is assumed to be halal," he explained.

    Why no uniform halal standards?

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Sunday, 20 November 2011
    Friday's ruling in the Cape High Court that prevented the practice of relabelling non-halal imported products as halal in order to be distributed to manufacturers and wholesalers for Muslim consumption demonstrated the importance of uniform halal certifying standards and procedures. It also brought to the fore the infamous differences among the country's four main halal issuing authorities on this point.

    According to the South African National Halaal Authority (Sanha), the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) and the Muslim Judicial Council Halal Trust (MJCHT), the Orion matter reaffirmed the need for them to reach agreement on a set of halal certification standards that all parties could be satisfied with. Observers say this might be the closest the halal authorities have been in some years to reaching agreement on an issue.


    Published by National Independent Halaal Trust on Thursday, 10 November 2011

    The NIHT is aware of the fraudulent labeling of box meat as Halaal by a Cape Town based company. The necessary steps including legal are presently being pursued. AS A POLICY THE NIHT DOES NOT APPROVE IMPORTED MEAT PRODUCTS. We have in the past made announcements to this effect. Muslim Consumers are urged and warned not to accept Halaal labels on face value. For any further issues concerning this or other Halaal issues please feel free to contact the NIHT.

    Urgent Announcement

    Published by National Independent Halaal Trust on Tuesday, 8 November 2011

    Whilst there is a difference of opinion amongst Ulama regarding gelatin, the gelatin in question is certified Halaal based on the opinion and fataawa of various Mufti's including Mufti A.K. Hoosen (Channel Islam), Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias (Jamiat), Mufti Radaaul-Haq (Darul Uloom Zakariyya), Mufti Qassim Seema (Darul Uloom Newcastle), Mufti Akbar Hazarvi (Darul Uloom Pretoria), Mufti Taqi Usmani (Pakistan), Mufti Burhanuddien (Nadwatul Ulama India), Sheik Hawari (Lecturer Damascus University) as well as Prof. (Dr's) Loonat, Bhika.

    Muslim Consumers can be rest assured that the yoghurts certified by the NIHT is fit for Muslim Consumption.

    A Simplified Guide to Performing Qurbani

    Published by National Independent Halaal Trust on Wednesday, 2 November 2011

    Qurbani (or Udhiyya as the Shariah refers to it) has become synonymous with Eid-ul-Adha, the festival of sacrifice. It is a time when all Muslims all over the world commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of Nabi Ebrahim (AS) and Nabi Ismail (AS).

    However it is disheartening to learn that Muslims fail to respect the basic rights of animals and are ignorant of Islamic injunctions pertaining to sacrifice. Many a times Muslims through their actions unconsciously transgress the Shari'ah. This guide hopes to be a reminder to Muslims of these basic rules and the responsibilities of those performing Qurbani.

    Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran (Chapter 22 Verse37): 'It is nor their flesh, nor their blood that reaches Allah, but to Him is acceptable observance (piety) of duty on your part.'



    WHERE - CLAUDIUS                                                                                 

    PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 49 MULTAN STREET, CLAUDIUS                                                    

    PRICES FROM: R800 - R1300                                                                                    


    Tel: 012 374 1721


    WHERE - SAABERIE CHISTY                                                                                                  

    PHYSICAL ADDRESS: MASJID CNR OF GUM & OAK CRESCENT, EXT 6 LENASIA                                                                                         

    PRICES FROM: R750.00 - R1500.00                                                                                  


    Tel:011 854 7886


    WHERE - Darul Uloom Ashrafiyah                                                                                            

    PHYSICAL ADDRESS:   70 Road 749, Unit 7, Chatsworth                                                                                     

    PRICES FROM: R1200.00 - R1400.00   

    CONTACT PERSON: Moulana Farhaad

    Tel: 083 297 8692 / 031 404 5594 / 087 805 8576

    Press Release: Pick 'n Pay Labelling Error

    Published by National Independent Halaal Trust on Thursday, 20 October 2011

    Whilst the photograph of the contentious label was circulated, we responded that the matter is being investigated. Information was lacking and until all information was verified, no statement was made by the NIHT. After a comprehensive investigation and verification of facts which were presented to us, we comment as follows:

    1. Until yesterday, (18 October), there was no conclusive evidence indicating at which store the photograph of the label was taken. However, last night, the shopper who took the photograph came forward. We thank her for doing so as information she provided has helped to clarify important details pertinent to the investigation we have been conducting with Pick n Pay.
    2. Our investigation has revealed the following:
      1. The photo was taken at the Trade Route Mall Pick 'n Pay store in Lenasia on the 20th of September 2011, sadly the matter was not brought to the attention of the Muslim supervisor or Pick 'n Pay on that day!
      2. The Trade Route Mall store in Lenasia, does not sell any pork products whatsoever. We have conclusive evidence that absolutely no pork product has ever been received or sold in the butchery.
      3. The product on which the label appeared is therefore definitely not pork. This has been confirmed. The problem has been traced to the pricing scale in the butchery section and a unified national pricing system. An incorrect code was entered resulting in the wrong product information appearing on the label. We must stress that there was only one product with the contentious label on it. This has been confirmed by the shopper that took the photograph.
    3. Corrective measures have already been implemented to ensure that this error does not reoccur.

    In conclusion, absolutely no pork was labelled as Halaal. Pick 'n Pay have unreservedly apologized to the NIHT and to the Muslim community for any discomfort and inconvenience caused by this incident.

    Halaal Announcement

    Published by National Independent Halaal Trust on Thursday, 29 September 2011

    Please be advised that Uncle Faouzi's Lebanese Foods in Hatfield Pretoria is Halaal certified by the NIHT.

    Urgent Announcement - Nando's Margate

    Published by National Independent Halaal Trust on Friday, 9 September 2011

    Please be advised that Nando's Margate is no longer certified Halaal by the NIHT.

    Health Focus - Diabetic Plus

    Published by National Independent Halaal Trust on Tuesday, 11 January 2011

    DIABETIC PLUS is a new and convenient mini-meal replacement option for Diabetics, or in fact, any health conscious person who wants to keep their blood sugar levels steadier between meals.