Friday, 15 December 2017

Muslim Organisations in South Africa - Cultural / Heritage

  • Cape Mazaar Society - The Cape Mazaar Society was formed in January 1982 and caters for the maintenance and upkeeping of all kramats in the Western Cape

  • Muslim Equestrians South Africa - Reviving the Sunnahs of Horse Riding and Archery in S.A!  In the history of Islam, we find that Horses have played an important role all round and will play an important role until the end of time. On this note, we hope to enlighten, educate and inspire one and all who join our community...

  • Tana Baru Trust - The Tana Baru Trust was established in 1998 for the preservation and restoration of the Tana Baru cemetery at the end of Longmarket Street, Bokaap.

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