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Gordons Bay Muslims growing

Published by Voice of the Cape on Sunday, 7 July 2013
With the arrival of Ramadan, the fledgling Muslim community in the scenic beach town of Gordons Bay is stepping up its activities for the holy month. Over the last decade the number of Muslims has grown in the town and now number between 40 - 60 families. According to the Gordons Bay Islamic Trust (GBIT), which was established in 2008, they now have their sights set on finding a property for a masjid in the town.

In the interim, the jamat khana in a business complex on Mariners Way is serving their need. Many of the Muslim resident of Gordons Bay are from Cape Town and much further afield and included among them are many who have only holiday homes in the town. At the same time, as well established tourist town, it draws more than its share of Muslims among the holiday makers, but few are aware of the jamat khana.

Speaking to VOC's Sunday Live, Abdul Kader Sonday, spokesperson for the GBIT, related that the small Muslim community has made strided of late. "Currently we established a jamat khana in the business premises within the Mariners' Center, Mariners Way in Gordons Bay. It is now manned by a full time imam/muathin who is present for all five waqts. A full Quran taraweeh has been performed here for the last three years and we intend doing the same this year."

He reported that the taraweeg draws some 60 - 100 people during Ramadan and in many instances the evening begins with a communal iftar. At the same time, Seera classes are also conducted every Thursday at the jamat khana. But as the fledgling community grows, so does its needs. At present, local children go to the neighbouring Strand for madrassah classes and this is a key need that they hope to address in the near future.

"Our intention is to continue running the jamat khana until a masjied property has been located. Some candidate properties are currently being evaluated. As soon as the the properties is identified a collection drive will commence," Sonday said. In the interim, individuals in their community are pooling resources to cover the jamat khana's monthly expenses which hovers around R7,000 per month.

"Until now, a few generous musallies have contributed to the upkeep. The objective is to widen the net of contributors so that the financial loading of the current sponsors are reduced. In line with the philosophy of protecting the family unit, the jamat would also like to get the imams family accommodation so the he is not separated from them for such long periods. This is expected to add an additional R2,500 to the monthly expenses."

Queries about the jamaat khana can be directed to Sonday on 083 276  5896 or by email to VOC