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Masjids / Islamic Centres in Hermanus

Al-Masjid al-Hitam
1 Jacaranda Road
Mount Pleasant, Hermanus 7200
Western Cape
South Africa

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Hermanus mosque an oasis

Published by Voice of the Cape on Sunday, 9 October 2011
From a humble effort to raise funds, promoted frequently on VOC, the coastal town of Hermanus opened its jamaat khana five years ago. But as the migrant population in South Africa grew and more Muslims from across the globe settled in the scenic town - as has been the case in rural towns throughout the country - the prayer facility soon grew too small. Again the community responded and just over four years ago, the musallah was expanded and now proudly stands out as a facebrick, double storey mosque, surrounded by more humble homes.

It is a welcome sight for Muslim travellers to Hermanus, seeking an oasis where they can spread their legs and perform their prayers. Given the large number of tourists who flock to the town during the holidays, particularly from September with the start of the whale season, local Muslims welcome visiting Musliims with open arms. The first to welcome them is the imam of the mosque who lives directly next to the mosque.

Originally from Zanzibar, Maulana Alli Sheha, has firmly entrenched himself in the Overberg region. Having completed his studies at the Darul Uloom near the Strand, he now serves a growing Muslim community in Hermanus. "We have about 25 local Muslim families and another 100 migrant Muslim families living here. They come from countries like Somalia, Senegal, Malawi, Tanzania, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.