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Quloobul Moemieneen Masjied

Year Established
Current Imam
Shaykh Ebrahim Toffa

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Goodwood Islamic Society

Goodwood Islamic Society

URL: http://www.goodwoodmosque.org.za/

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Email: imaam@goodwoodmosque.org.za

127 Goodwood Street

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Places Near Here:
  1. Sulaimani Masjid, Goodwood (0.34km)
  2. Masjidul Ameer - Ruyterwacht Islamic Society (1.78km)
  3. Thornton Islamic Society (2.82km)
  4. Masjidul Muqarram (3km)
  5. Siddique Masjid (3.73km)
  6. Panorama Mosque (4.05km)
  7. Husami Masjid (4.33km)

Recent Updates

    Goodwood & Colorado Park 40hr Silat registrations

    Published by Quloobul Moemieneen Masjied on Monday, 28 November 2011

    Since yesterday, the Goodwood Masjid Silat program has had a huge response Alhamdulillah. We now have 25 young warriors (male & female) registered for the program. Parents were given a short briefing about the program, and were urged to bring their kids on time for silat training, as this would teach them discipline.

    For those in the Mitchels Plain Area, we will follow the same program starting the 12th Dec until 6th January 2012. Training will take place mon-fri at Colorado Park Masjid between 1:30 - 3:30.  Registration will take place on sunday 4th Dec between 1:30 - 3PM.

    40 Hours of Pencak Silat Training at Goodwood Masjid

    Published by AlJaamiah Quran & Seni Silat Academy on Thursday, 17 November 2011
    The Goodwood Islamic Society offers alternative, Islamic and beneficial activities this coming holidays for our youth. The society has approached the Silat team to have silat training at its premises. We offered an intensive, 40hours of silat whereby participants will learn all the basics of Silat empty handed combat. This program is aimed at the youth to combat boredom over the december holidays, and also to give them necessary lifeskills and confidence.

    Madrassah outing

    Published by Quloobul Moemieneen Masjied on Monday, 14 November 2011

    Assalamu Alaykum Parents.

    Please see the attached documents regarding the upcoming Madrassah outing. 

    Shukran !

    Quran Tracker

    Published by Quloobul Moemieneen Masjied on Friday, 24 December 2010

    QuranTracker is designed to help you make better progress in memorising the Quran. Using simple colour-coded surah charts and a traffic light colour coding (red, yellow, green) you can mark and display the ayahs you are memorising, have learnt and need to revise.

    STYLISH HIJAB - Modesty In Style

    Published by Quloobul Moemieneen Masjied on Friday, 24 December 2010

    Algamdoelillah the STYLISHHIJAB - Modesty In Style web portal has gone live.  STYLISHHIJAB was created for South African Muslim designers to showcase their Islamic designs. We aim to make Hijab accessible and available to South African as well as and International clients.

    The website offers the following features:

    * Online catalogue to showcase modest designs.
    * Online store for local clients and in future international clients.
    * Platform for designers for to exchanges thoughts, ideas, to create synergy amongst the various clothing lines.
    * Online personal profile for information about the designers themselves.
    * Online label profile for information about the clothing label.
    * Photo galleries of the designs, fashion shows and other events.
    * Forums for discussing topical issues.
    * E-Newsletters.
    * SMS notification on sales
    * Events calender
    * Blogs by the designers
    * Ability for designers to edit their profiles