Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Darul Islam Masjid

Year Established
Current Imam
Shaykh Irfaan Abrahams

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Tel: +27 21 638 7333

Pluto Rd
Surrey Estate

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Places Near Here:
  1. Darul Islam Islamic High School (0.08km)
  2. Masjidul Manaarul Hudaa (0.53km)
  3. Darul Islam Primary School (0.63km)
  4. Darul Islam Islamic High School (0.67km)
  5. Jamiya Tus Sabr - Primrose Park Masjid (0.96km)
  6. Institute of Islamic Sharia Studies (1.09km)
  7. Al-Anwar Hajj & Umrah (1.1km)

Recent Updates

    DI aid mission continues

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Saturday, 19 November 2011
    As part of a continuing aid mission into the Horn of Africa, Darul Islam Masjid imam and school principal, Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams, departed for Dubai on Friday evening to purchase much needed supplies for the famine stricken region. The alim spearheaded the Darul Islam Zakah Fund relief team into Somalia in October, and since then, has started numerous projects. Amongst these initiatives are a feeding scheme, building of a masjid as well as providing the destitute with a doctor to assist the community.

    Darul Islam back from Somalia

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Thursday, 27 October 2011
    The Darul Islam Zakah Fund relief team returned to Cape Town on Thursday morning from drought-stricken Somalia, relating their shock at the realisation of the effects of civil war in thhe country and the suffering which the Somali people have to endure. According to Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams, head of the mission to Somalia and imam at Darul Islam masjid in Surrey Estate, volunteers were shaken by the recurrence of violence in the region.

    The alim said they worked with NGO's who have already been established in the area. "We met up with Islamic Relief before we left South Africa and we then met with their counterparts in a camp in Somalia as well. We also worked with two local NGO's namely, Asanaa-bil-Khayriya and Al-Kaafi and assisted them in their camps as well."

    Hot debate over Somali aid

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Tuesday, 18 October 2011
    An outspoken VOC caller set a debate alight on Breakfast Beat on Tuesday morning when she harshly criticised a group of Capetonians that left for Somalia to deliver funds raised for the famine stricken Horn of Africa. A smilar debate erupted after the Africa 1 Aid project taking aid to Gaza was launched earlier in the year.

    This time the talking point came after VOC News reported that the humanitarian delegation, led by Sheik Irfaan Abrahams from Darul Islam Masjid in Surrey Estate left for the impoverished country on Monday night. The delegation, consisting of 11 delegates collected close to R1 million, to purchase aid in that country.

    Cape send R1m to Somalia

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Monday, 17 October 2011
    It was a sentimental send-off for a group of 12 delegates on Monday as they left Darul Islam Masjid in Surrey Estate for Somalia, after months of fund-raising for the malnourished nation. With them they took close to R1 million collected in and around the Western Cape - including the R250,000 collected in the VOC Famine Drive.

    Cape Town to hand over Somali aid

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Saturday, 8 October 2011

    Following generous donations by Capetonians following a devastating drought that has left 12 million in the Horn of Africa affected by the famine, a group of Capetonians will be heading to Somalia in mid-October to personally deliver funds. Led by the imam of the Darul Islam Masjid in Surrey Estate, Sheik Irfaan Abrahams, the group will depart on Monday 17 October for Somalia.