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Bredasdorp Mosque

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28 Brand Street
Western Cape
South Africa

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Yunus Adams (Secretary)

Tel: 0836500025

Recent Updates

    Bredasdorp Masjid New Location

    Published on Wednesday, 8 March 2017

    The Bredasdorp Mosque is no longer at the old Jamaat Khana at Corner of Newman and Sealy Streets, Bredasdorp. They are now located at 28 Brand Street. Masjid has been completed and opening ceremory will be held soon, Insha Allah.


    Heidelberg mosque opens

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Friday, 5 April 2013

    Some 272km outside of Cape Town - a distance covered in a leisurely three hour drive along the N2 - Muslims will find a new place to stop in the rural town of Heidelberg. After Caledon with its functional jamat-khana and Bredasdorpwhere a new mosque is in the process of being built, this is the next town where Muslims will find a mosque, one which is due to be opened formally on Sunday.

    According to Siraj Logday, owner of the family owned chain of pet stores, Pet Adventure, the new Masjidul Yunus at 33 Hoog Street in Heidelberg was named for his grandfather Yunus Logday and was purchased on auction. "It used to be a community hall that belonged to the Old Apostolic Church and is about 100 years old. Since then, with the help of my family and some sponsors, we have spent quite a bit to renovate the building, while keeping its historic character," he told VOC on Friday.

    First Retail Halaal meat offering at the southern tip of Africa

    Published by Bredasdorp Mosque on Sunday, 20 November 2011

    One of the few places mentioned in the Quran is the place where two oceans meet i.e. L'Agulhus. It is surprising then to note that between Caledon and Agulhus there is no retail shop that complies with the conditions to be certified to sell Halaal meat. 

    It was thus up to the locals to buy sheep and cattle to slaughter and then process the meat.  Mr Suleiman Adams a Bredasdorp  Muslim Society member relates how he buys five sheep at a time and slaughters himself and then process the meat with his own machinery. Adams adds that this is quite expensive and most Muslims do not have this ability especially the great number of foreign nationals that are Muslims. Although the nearby abattoir ironically is one of the few Halaal abattoirs in South Africa they could not get supply from it for various reasons.

    This has all changed this week in Bredasdorp when Imam of the Bredasdorp Muslim Society, Maulana Yasier Benjamin, made a proud announcement in Jumuah on Friday (18 November 2011) that a local business has agreed to comply with all conditions to process meat from the Halaal abattoir and make it available to the local Muslim community.

    Muslim Directory was invited by Maulana Yasier Benjamin to visit the business, Priceclub Discounted Supermarket, and met with Mr. Mark Minords. Minords who explained that he had grown up amongst Muslims and understood the dilemma they faced in procuring Halaal meat. It is thus that he felt that it not right that the condition continue any longer. To this point and to make sure that no doubt is left to the halaal status he endeavours to

    • have a dedicated blockman just working on the Halaal meat processing who will not be allowed to enter the area of the non halaal meat processing.
    • have a dedicated cold storage room just for halaal
    • A separate loading bay to receive the halaal meat
    • Endeavour to employ a Muslim to work in the packing section to act as a monitor
    • Have separate display fridges for Halaal Meat

    The halaal section will physically be on the ground floor while the non-halaal section is on the first floor.

    Maulana Yasier Benjamin indicated that the facility and products will be halaal certified by the Bredasdorp Muslim Society and he takes personal responsibility for the Halaal status. Maulana adds that now all the Muslim visitors to bredasdorp and surrounding Struisbaai, Arniston and L'Agulhus can now top up on high quality meat and other meat products that are halaal.

    Priceclub Discounted Supermarket is situated at 19 Long Street Bredasdorp. For more information contact Maulana Yasier Benjamin on 072 188 2443

    Bredasdorp fights for mosque

    Published by Voice of the Cape on Monday, 9 May 2011

    The first Muslims arrived in the quiet rural town of Bredasdorp some 120 years ago. Today, an estimated 200 Muslims live in the town, many of whom are foreigners. However, over the Easter and December holidays, the number of Muslims who visit the area, including the neighbouring coastal towns of Struisbaai and Arniston are as high as 850.

    This places a severe strain on the small jamaat khana, two blocks from the main road, with musallees often compelled to find place in the street. Here local imam, Maulana Yasier Benjamin, shows that on busy Friday's during the holiday season, this space outside the jamaat khana - which can only accommodate about 100 people - is crammed to capacity.