Friday, 15 December 2017

About Muslim Directory

The Muslim Directory initiative was founded in 2002 and sought to provide a directory of all Muslim websites in South Africa. This we have achieved, with each website presenting a screenshot, description and list of features available.

In 2003/2004, we embarked on expanding Muslim Directory into other directories. After a period of researching other directories for best-practices and weaknesses, we developed our own web directory program. The program allowed us to add new directories, allow profiles to have multiple-pages, and yet remain search-engine optimized. At the time, the Muslim Directory covers six categories :- Masjids, Organisations, Educational Institutions, Publications, Websites and an Events Calendar.

In 2009, we reworked our web directory program to integrate with social media, APIs and various web 2.0 tools. We are well positioned to offer a unique aggregation service of Muslim and Islamic content in South Africa. The new sections we have added include: Hajj and Umrah, Salaah Times for all major cities in South Africa, Tourism, and an interactive Google Map of Masjids and organisations in South Africa

All of these are run on a volunteer-basis at no charge to the organisations.

The directory covers the Cape Town area more extensively, purely because its volunteers are based here, though we are looking to expand to the rest of South Africa.

An Exercise in Knowledge Management

We believe that unless communities take steps to record and document their own history, institutions and resources, they run the risk of at best under utilizing them, or at worst losing them.

We are overwhelmed by the positive work many Muslim organisations are doing, without getting the recognition or financial support they deserve. Here is a platform for them to profile and market themselves and their services.

How to get listed on the Muslim Directory